Commercial Advantages

Pivotree’s business model is highly advantageous to owners and operators. We adopt a true whole-of-project partnering approach to minimise development expenditure and share in the project upside, ensuring a highly cash-generative outcome for our clients.

Reduced Expenditures

The Pivotree minimises upfront investment by eliminating the need for conventional moorings, and minimising operational costs, making marginal and stranded offshore projects viable.

Reduced Risk

Minimises exploration risk by exploiting known accumulations and eliminates installation phases of development.

Faster to production

Halves the time to production compared to traditional mid-water approaches such as fixed platforms and spread-moored FPSOs.


Agile operators can reuse the Pivotree and Harvester FPSO on multiple fields, creating a highly profitable business through sequential developments.

Low Footprint Design

Smallest offshore development footprint, all but eliminating decommissioning costs. We are also working with partners towards a zero-emissions FPSO.

Use Cases

Pivotree is a flexible and scalable solution, ideal for:

  • 1

    Unlocking stranded and marginal fields

  • 2
    Staging development of difficult to assess reservoirs.
  • 3
    Extending the life of aging assets through “floating tiebacks”
Pivotree Use Cases

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Competitive Advantage

Pivotree stands out with its unique technology, reducing development time, risk, CAPEX, OPEX, and abandonment expenditure, while also minimising environmental impact. No other mid-water depth development concept compares in terms of CAPEX, time to first production, and decommissioning liabilities.

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Market Opportunity

Addressing a multi-billion-dollar global market, Pivotree targets numerous untapped fields, offering significant revenue and profitability benefits.

Pivotree Global Market Map 1

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Pivotree Global Market Map 2

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