Pivotree Advisor Invited Speaker At BEOS 2024

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  • Dr Stephen Molyneux, Pivotree’s Special Advisor Geology & Global Referrer, has been invited to present at BEOS on behalf of Harvester Energy.
  • BEOS, the Business Exploration Opportunities Show (BEOS), brings together a diverse audience of international stakeholders in the upstream exploration, business development, and new ventures components of the oil and gas industry.
  • Dr Molyneux will present on two oil fields being developed by Harvester Energy, Curlew-A and Phoenix, using the Pivotree offshore field development system.

BEOS is an important multifaceted platform at a critical time, to reach out to a wide and diverse audience of energy industry stakeholders.  The two-day show will cover the ongoing financial, commercial and people related Transition impact on Oil and Gas but as importantly allow for showcasing and marketing of opportunities and Exploration assets/prospects across two streams each day.

Dr Molyneux will present on the two oil and gas blocks, Curlew-A and Phoenix, recently awarded to Harvester Energy (UK) Ltd in the UK’s 33rd Licensing Round. Both blocks contain oil discoveries that have never been developed due to the small case oil volumes being too small to traditionally develop with an FPSO or simple tie back to infrastructure.

Of the upcoming talk, Dr Molyneux said, “With production infrastructure now disappearing in the UK these undeveloped oil discoveries are even harder to develop and it seems a solution such as PIVOTREE could develop these oil discoveries standalone due to such low CAPEX and operating costs of PIVOTREE.”

He went on to say, “The intention of the talk is to: 1) create awareness of the Harvester Energy two blocks awards, 2) create awareness of how PIVOTREE can be used to develop the oil discoveries therein, 3) engage in conversations while at the BEOS conference with companies about any other oil discoveries they may have in the North Sea that need a solution such as PIVOTREE and a potential joint venture partner Harvester Energy in such oil discovery developments.”

About Dr Stephen Molyneux

Dr Molyneux has been part of several successful oil and gas exploration teams that have found greater than 5 billion barrels of oil and gas since 1989 to present – Enterprise, PanCanadian, Oilexco, Premier, Origin, Carnarvon. He now consults for various companies as a technical advisor for oil and gas exploration in Australia and beyond: Harvester Energy, Pivotree, 3DOil, Origin, Beach, NZOG, MGPalaeo to name a few. Stephen also chairs the Australia Oil and Gas Scout Group where the industry communicates on energy company matters every 3 months and also co-manages the Basins Workshop, an annual Australia wide Petroleum Systems workshop involving up to 50x 10-minute talks, held in early December each year. He is best recognised for his contributions as Exploration Manager at Carnarvon Petroleum in the discovery of the new Middle Triassic Petroleum System offshore WA as encapsulated by the Dorado oil and gas discovery in 2018.

For more information about Dr Stephen Molyneux, please visit his LinkedIn profile.

About BEOS

The Business Exploration Opportunities Show (BEOS) is a two-day event jointly conceived by the AAPG and the GESGB which brings together the best of APPEX and PROSPEX into one great show.  BEOS will bring together many of the Oil & Gas Majors, NOCs, Independents, E&P Companies and Governments. It also attracts attendees from many of the world’s leading banks, financiers, advisories and law firms thereby providing a unique and unmatched opportunity to network and develop new business opportunities.

For more information about BEOS, please visit https://www.beosevent.com/.

About Pivotree Pty Ltd

Pivotree Pty Ltd is a technology company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company specialises in low-cost, low-risk, agile energy production and carbon storage technologies, with a mission to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable and low-carbon energy system.

For more information about Pivotree Pty Ltd and its innovative technology, please visit www.pivotree.com.au.

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