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  • Pivotree to gain further market exposure at Future Energy Asia, 15-19 May, in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Future Energy Asia is tipped to be this year’s largest conference in Thailand for the oil and gas industry.
  • JST Group is Pivotree’s exclusive agent in Thailand and will represent the Company at the conference.

Hosted by the Ministry of Energy of the Kingdom of Thailand and co-hosted by PTT Group and EGAT, the Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Summit, incorporating Future LNG Asia and Future Mobility Asia, will be held in Bangkok, Thailand, on 15-17 May 2024, convening over 22,000 international energy professionals, investors, and innovators to influence, support and deliver Asia’s clean energy vision.

The combined events underscore the importance of collective action, strategic alliances, and technological advancements in achieving carbon neutrality and a sustainable energy future for Asia and beyond.

Pivotree will gain exposure to this forum through representation by JST Group, its exclusive local agent in Thailand. JST Group have presented the Pivotree technology in Thailand since March 2023.

JST Group and Pivotree’s first foray into the Thai market took place at the International Petroleum Technology Conference, 1-3 March in Bangkok, Thailand, where JST arranged a meeting with the CEO of PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP), the Thai national petroleum exploration and production company, among other meetings.

Operating now for over 40 year, JST Group is a large, privately held company, located Bangkok, specialises in a broad range of oil and gas services and products. The group has approximately 500 employees throughout SE Asia and regularly engages with all the major Oil and Gas players in the region. JST has a sales team of highly experienced representatives that are tapped into an established local market.

Pivotree Executive Director, Mr Marcus Christian, said, “JST Group, part of Pivotree’s global agent network now spanning nine countries plus continental Africa, will attend Future Energy Asia further increasing Pivotree’s marketing reach and brand awareness, and progressing discussions with existing customer relationships.  JST and our other agents are key to the commercialisation of the Pivotree technology by providing local engagement with our customers across our global market.”

About Future Energy Asia

Future Energy Asia will host 600+ speakers, 300+ strategic, technical and partner conference sessions, 2,500+ conference delegates, 22,000+ global energy attendees, 350+ exhibiting companies, and 70+ participating countries over 17,000sqm of floorspace.

For more information about Future Energy Asia, please visit https://www.futureenergyasia.com/

About JST Group

JST Group provides a full range of services and products including human resources supply, technical products and services, coating manufacturing services, heat treatment, marine supply, satellite communications, CAD, and well P&A, and decommissioning services. JST Group has grown its portfolio to fit its clients’ strategies, building long term customer relationships and cementing the company’s reputation and technological edge as the region’s leading customer driven knowledge- and experience-based product & service provider. With interactivity, connectivity, and creativity, JST Group continues to seek client integration, both internally, by synthesising technological capability, and externally, by bringing customers into the company as a participant to develop and adapt products & services.

For more information about JST Group, please visit https://www.jst-group.com/

About Pivotree Pty Ltd

Pivotree Pty Ltd is a technology company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company specialises in low-cost, low-risk, agile energy production and carbon storage technologies, with a mission to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable and low-carbon energy system.

For more information about Pivotree Pty Ltd and its innovative technology, please visit www.pivotree.com.au.

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