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  • Innovation Nation TV has featured Sea-Quester Offshore, exclusive licensee of Pivotree’s technology for application in offshore carbon injection, storage, and sequestration.
  • Innovation Nation TV, telecast on Channel 9 Australia, showcases the best Innovators and innovations from around Australia.
  • Sea-Quester Offshore, is using the Pivotree technology to address the multi-billion-dollar potential market for carbon storage to address climate change and the global race to net zero.

On 28-April 2024, Innovation Nation TV, a new program on Channel 9 Australia, featured Sea-Quester Offshore and its use of the Pivotree technology for carbon sequestration to dispose of industrial scale volumes of CO2, thereby providing a scalable solution to addressing climate change and the achievement of net zero targets, particularly those in “hard-to-abate” sectors.

Innovation Nation, hosted by Christina Morrissy and Brad Hill, showcases the inventors, creators and innovators that are shaping tomorrow and beyond. Produced by Trevor Cochrane and the team at Guru Productions and broadcast by Channel 9 live in WA 3.00pm on Sundays and streaming on demand on 9NOW.

The episode featured Pivotree inventor, Mr Christopher Merrick, explaining the technology and the advantages it can bring to the permanent disposal of carbon. By utilising offshore reservoirs and saline aquifers deep below the ocean bed, many millions of tonnes of CO2 can be safely and permanently locked underground; back where the oil and gas was taken from in the first place.

The story can be viewed:

Pivotree Executive Director, Mr Marcus Christian, said, “It is fantastic to see Sea-Quester being recognised as one of Australia’s top innovations at such a vital time, early in the company’s development. We are proud that the Pivotree technology is being used to play a part in addressing this global challenge, that once solved, will benefit generations to come.”

He went on to say, “Many of the same benefits that the Pivotree technology affords oil and gas producers provide Sea-Quester huge appeal in its market, such as increased geographic reach when compared to subsea pipelines, which enables selection of optimal reservoirs, minimal facilities which vastly reduce project CAPEX, OPEX and decommissioning costs, and flexibility and risk reduction from being able to reuse and redeploy at very low cost.”

About Innovation Nation TV

Innovation Nation was formed by Trevor Cochrane, Brad Hill and Christina Morrissy from the strong desire to share the stories of the amazing Australian innovators. Innovation has been the root cause of all aspects of human advancement. In many cases Australia is leading the world in solving some of the really big issues. By sharing these stories, by celebrating the innovators, the teams of entrepreneurs and founders, Innovation Nation helps pave the way for both investment into and the adoption of these world leading solutions.

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About Sea-Quester Offshore

Using the Pivotree in combination with a compressed gas transport vessel, modified to store CO₂ (the Carbon Harvester), Sea-Quester solves the transport problem for offshore carbon sequestration by eliminating costly pipelines and fixed offshore facilities with a highly functional, minimal footprint, reuseable technology solution.

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About Pivotree Pty Ltd

Pivotree Pty Ltd is a technology company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company specialises in low-cost, low-risk, agile energy production and carbon storage technologies, with a mission to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable and low-carbon energy system.

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