System Overview

The Pivotree Technology is a revolutionary single or dual-well floating facility designed for shallow to mid-water depth offshore oil and gas fields. It drastically reduces development costs and deployment time, embodying our commitment to innovation and efficiency.

Technical Advantages

Eliminates the need for costly spread anchoring mooring systems and vessel modifications.

No other subsea elements, such as platforms, moorings, flowlines, umbilicals, or manifolds are required.

Problems Solved

Addresses the challenges of economically developing small and/or remote offshore fields beyond the reach of subsea tiebacks, transforming them into profitable ventures.

Provides operators with a “floating tieback”, replacing subsea pipelines and their inherent challenges such as shore-crossings and environmental impact.

Intellectual Property

Our growing patent portfolio and R&D efforts underscore our commitment to protecting and enhancing our technological innovations.

Technical Validation

Independently certified by DNV and backed by multiple studies, the Pivotree technology’s feasibility and field-readiness is well-established.

The system consists of:

  • A Pivotree Subsea Unit

    A subsea mooring and production tree that simultaneously provides well access for injection and flow control with a structural mooring for 360-degree vessel station-keeping.

  • A Floating Production Storage & Offtake (FPSO) Facility

    A Handysize vessel providing a floating facility featuring gas treatment, compression, storage, and propulsion. The image to the right shows how Pivotree would be deployed utilising the FPSO Facility for the delivery of cargoes.

Pivotree Single System Diagram

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In suitable conditions, the Pivotree technology can also be designed to employ tandem mooring of shuttle tankers to offtake the cargo. This configuration allows for near continuous operation of the FPSO Facility to maximise production.

Pivotree Single System Diagram

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