Pivotree expands into Africa

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  • Paul Howlett, the Company’s agent for the United Kingdom, has been awarded the territory of continental Africa to promote and sell Pivotree.
  • Mr Howlett is a highly experienced geologist and oil and gas new business and exploration expert.
  • Paul will drive growth in the African market by leveraging existing customer interest and his extensive network and experience.

Oil and Gas technology company Pivotree (or the “Company”) is pleased to advise that it has expanded its agency agreement (“Agreement”) with prominent industry professional, Paul Howlett (“Paul”), based in London, to progress existing deals and significantly expand exposure in the African market.

Paul has over three decades’ experience working within the Oil and Gas industry, with a comprehensive background in new business development and exploration across various plays and basins. His extensive expertise, industry knowledge, network, and strategic vision make his appointment a positive step for Pivotree’s growth in Africa. His ability to navigate complex markets and promote frictionless commerce aligns well with Pivotree’s goals.

Under the expanded Agreement, Paul will promote and market Pivotree’s technology to relevant countries in Africa, including Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Ghana, Nigeria, and Tunisia. The term remains at three-years.

Pivotree Executive Director, Marcus Christian, commented: “In the short time working with Paul, he has demonstrated his professionalism, passion and drive in promoting Pivotree’s business in the UK. We have no hesitation in expanding Paul’s territory to include Africa based on his direct experience in the region and established network. Paul will hit the ground running of the back of significant interest already received from African operators. The timing is ideal, given the market fundamentals and positive trends towards increased hydrocarbon production.

Energy demand on the continent is expected to surge due to rapid population growth and industrialisation, with demand tipped by McKinsey to grow by 30% by 2040, compared with 10% growth globally. Africa’s oil and gas producing nations face mounting pressure due to their dependence on fossil fuel revenues. Our rapid, independent, self-supporting, low CAPEX development approach is ideally suited to address the challenges faced by operators in the African region, such as lack of infrastructure, access to capital and attracting skilled talent.

Data from Rystad Energy (2020) indicates an addressable market of over 1.3 billion barrels of marginal and stranded reserves, making it a strategic priority for our business.

Paul Howlett commented: “With this level of stranded reserves there is huge potential for Pivotree in Africa. By reducing CAPEX to a bare minimum, the Pivotree technology increases accessibility and affordability and will unlock known accumulations in Africa that were previously uneconomic, marginal, or stranded, bringing to market new otherwise lost production and energy security for sovereign nations and their industry partners. I am looking forward to building on the work done so far and the deployment of Pivotree systems across Africa.”

About Paul Howlett:

Paul Howlett is an accomplished geologist and oil and gas industry expert, specialising in new business development and exploration. He serves as a consultant for Energy Explorers and holds leadership roles at Painted Wolf Resources and his own company, Transunion Petroleum. Paul excels in identifying and progressing new opportunities, combining his analytical skills with a collaborative and persuasive approach to engage effectively with diverse professionals. His achievements span across identifying unexplored regions, leading international deals, and managing strategic partnerships, showcasing his capability in navigating complex industry challenges and fostering successful ventures.

For more information about Paul Howlett, please visit www.linkedin.com/in/paul-howlett-55a73018

About Pivotree Pty Ltd

Pivotree Pty Ltd is a technology company based in Perth, Western Australia. The company specialises in low-cost, low-risk, agile energy production and carbon storage technologies, with a mission to accelerate the global transition to a sustainable and low-carbon energy system.

For more information about Pivotree Pty Ltd and its innovative technology, please visit www.pivotree.com.au.

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